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OK…I admit it.  I get a bit obsessed with things I am doing.  Remember those children’s books with the cut away pictures of ships and other amazing machines – I loved those.  My boyhood dreams were realised when I trained as an Engineer – to design and build things.   To do this, I had to make the hard choices to swap Art, painting, wood work, music & cooking for the required maths and sciences to get the “required” qualifications.  Funny now, I persue food, wine, art, travel, photography and self expression to satisfy my soul.  I need to know how how things work and what produces the very best in the world.  I don’t necessarily mean the most expensive or the biggest, I mean the flavour of those tomatoes I had in a salad on a Greek island on my first trip to Europe 20 years ago – un-believable – I can still taste them; a revelation.  Maybe that goes some way to explaining my lifetime obsession with perfect pizza – the slowly evolving dough recipe to the way to build the best wood oven to cook it in – the tomato sauce, the cheese – oh no the cheese.  Digging into cheese lead me to what I consider the ultimate cheese in the world – Parmigiano Reggiano and of course into making cheese in the Yarra Valley in Victoria. Despite being slightly gluten intolerant (thats what I’m told, but I just ignore them), I doggedly practice and perfect pizza for the fleeting, but intense enjoyment of the experience.  In a roundabout way, that lead to a 15 year stint as a winemaker in the Yarra Valley, Margaret River & Bendigo.  I built some great wineries and brands in WA including “Flying Fish Cove” and “Swings & Roundabouts” and humbled in 2008 being awarded Winestate Australasian Winemaker of the year.

Fast forward to 2011, the girl I love, Naomi decided we were moving to Byron Bay.  We found a beautiful 100 year old farmhouse in the hinterland above Byron Bay.  We are based here, but both travel extensively – its an amazing place to come back to.

I am available for destination weddings Australia and Bali, New Zealand, Thailand & Fiji.  I haven’t shot a wedding in Europe yet, but I’d love to – Venice anyone??  We can have pizza.

As you can tell, I like a story.  And the details and nuances – the journey is important.  Get in touch and let me know your story.

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